The Workshop Venue, CeSMA – Center of Advanced Measurement Services, is inside San Giovanni University Complex located in N.Protopisani street in the east part of Naples, in the worker quartier named San Giovanni a Teduccio.San Giovanni Complex is a new asset of the University of Naples Federico II, mainly addressed to the so-called “third mission”, i.e. being the connection point between the academia and the entrepreneurial and industrial world.CeSMA a relevant resource of the University of Napoli Federico II, characterized by distinctive and exclusive features due to its wide area of expertise as well as heterogeneous activities that can be carried out in its (about 30) labs. Its goal is to support local, national and international players in advanced measurement activities, taking also advantage of experienced researchers and technicians from Federico II. It represents a strategic attractor for the entrepreneurial and industrial players, aiming to satisfy the great demand for measure services. Its international role is reinforced by a close connection to peer institutions and research centers at national and international level.