How to Reach Naples

By planeNaples International Airport Capodichino is located approximately seven kilometres from the city centre. To reach the centre of Naples from the airport with public transport, you can use the Alibus shuttle service direct to the Train Station in Piazza Garibaldi and to Molo Beverello.Ticket price (90 minutes) is 4 euros. Tickets can be bought on board. Alibus shuttles leave every 15 minutes (during peak hours) and this transport service is available from 6.00 am to 11.40 pm. The taxi rank cabs can be found outside the terminal. The price for the run is determined by the meter, but there are also lump-sum fares to the ‘Napoli Centrale’ train station and to Molo Beverello. The international Airport of Naples Capodichino (NAP) has connections to the major cities of Europe and Italy.

By trainTrenitalia service connects Naples to the most important Italian cities. The main station of the city is ‘Napoli Centrale’, located in Piazza Garibaldi. There, you can find different public transport services: taxis, buses, underground trains and the Circumvesuviana, the railway line connecting Naples to all the towns in the Vesuvius area, up to Sorrento. The ‘Napoli Centrale’ station can be also found in train timetables under the name of ‘Napoli Piazza Garibaldi’. The other train stations of Naples include Mergellina, located 300 metres from the quay of the same name which has hydrofoils leaving for Capri in summer time, and Campi Flegrei in the Fuorigrotta area.

Flight Routes

How to reach CeSMA

From the airportThe best way is by taxi. When you enter the taxi, ask for Protopisani street and the new San Giovanni University Complex. A typical taxi ride takes about 15 minutes.From the City Centre

The suggested hotels are in the city center and very close to the underground railway (metro) line 1 stations: Toledo and Municipio (highlighted in green in the underground and urban railways map). Take the train in “Garibaldi” direction, then at the last stop change to line 2 and take the train in “San Giovanni – Barra” direction, and get off at the second (last stop) “San Giovanni – Barra” (highlighted in red in the underground and urban railways map). The estimated trip duration is about 40 minutes.

Line 1 trains run from 6.00 to 23.15, Saturdays last trip is around 1.00 am. During peak hours (7.00-21.30) Trains leave every 9 minutes.

Line 2 trains run from 6.00 to 23.00 and trains leave every 10 minutes.

To plan your journey, please download “Gira Napoli” app from the following stores. It is a free tool that reports the train schedules for each station:

Google Play 

iTunes Microsoft Store

At each station is associated a numeric code. To easily find the correct stations, we have reported the code below:

San Giovanni – Barra (Line 2): 98000

Municipio (Line 1): 80570

Toledo (Line 1): 80420

Piazza Garibaldi (Line 1): 80011

Piazza Garibaldi (Line 2): 91091

The University Complex is about 400 meters away from San Giovanni – Barra station ( click here to check the location and the pedestrian path to reach the University Complex).

Underground Railway (metro)

TIC tickets are required for travel within the City of Naples (Comune di Napoli). TIC tickets are valid on: all city (ANM) buses; the four funicular lines; regional EAV buses, underground railway (Metro) Lines 1, 2 and 6, and the Circumvesuviana, Circumflegrei and Cumana lines within the confines of the city.
Tickets are available for 90 minutes or for daily, weekly, monthly and annual travel.

Biglietto Orario (hourly): €1.50 (valid for 90 minutes from the time the ticket is validated and it allows only one journey on each of the following lines: funicular lines, underground railway (Metro) lines, Circumvesuviana, Circumflegrei and Cumana lines)Biglietto Giornaliero (daily): €4.50 (valid until midnight on the day the ticket is validated)Biglietto Settimanale (weekly): €15.80 (valid until midnight on the last day of the week of validity)

Unico Alibus tickets are required for travel via Naples Alibus (to and from Capodichino Airport). Ticket price is €4.00 and they can be bought on board the bus or in authorised shops. Tickets are valid for 90 minutes from the time of validation. They CANNOT be used for a round trip on the Alibus but can be used on a combination trip (Alibus followed by any other mode of transport that normally would be valid with a TIC ticket, or vice versa).

BUYING A TICKETHourly, daily, weekly and monthly tickets can be purchased at any tobacco shop (tabaccheria) and many newspaper stands. There are also ticket machines at many of the railway, metro and cable railway stations as well as at selected bus stops throughout the city. Monthly tickets can be purchased only between the last four days of the month preceding the month of validity and the first two days of the month of validity. They are available at most tobacco shops.

VALIDATING TICKETSHourly tickets must be validated in the electronic ticket machines on the buses or inside the train/metro stations prior to boarding. Daily and weekly tickets must be validated at first use and you must also fill out your name and date of birth on the back of the ticket and be able to provide identification on request. If a ticket machine is out of order you must validate your ticket by writing the day, month and hour on the back of the ticket in the space provided. If you do not do this and a ticket inspector checks your ticket, on the spot fines may be levied; being a foreign visitor to the city is unlikely to excuse you.