On behalf of all the organizers of the Sixth Edition of the International IEEE Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry – Innovation for a smart world (IEEE RTSI 2020, 7–10 Sept. 2020), we welcome you to the historic and beautiful Naples, Italy.

The RTSI forum is the flagship conference of the IEEE Italy Section and represents the annual meeting of researchers and industry professionals in the field of electrical, electronic, and information science and engineering. Specifically, the main purposes of the event are:

• to promote and strengthen partnerships and cooperation between Academia and Industry;

• to increase understanding and awareness of how engineering and technology can positively affect quality of life;

• to promote discussion between the research community and government bodies about effective and successful research policies;

• to disseminate recent advancements, discoveries and applications;

• to discuss ideas and promote cooperation between researchers working in different research areas.

The theme of RTSI 2020 is Innovation for a smart world. Without any question, the innovation in electrical, electronic, and information science and engineering has strongly transformed our society in recent decades, and the main purpose of RTSI is to take up such a challenge and to foster excellence in technological innovation.

RTSI includes panels, technical sessions, tutorials, special events and exhibitions, as reported in detail in the technical program. In particular, the technical sessions are organized into three main tracks of great interest and relevance: